Plain fabrics

We offer solon fabric and PET fabric from 21 baht /yard (19.63 baht + VAT 7%).
Rolls are 60” wide and 60 yards long. With 14-16 different colours.

Solon fabric is twill weave. Hard touch. Better to hide stain and more water repellent. weight is 140 g/m2.Price per kg is 105 baht.
PET fabric is plain weave. Less hard touch. Fabric is heavier than solon fabric because it has 33% more yarn and 80% less chemicals.Price per kg is 88 baht.
Taffeta is also plain weave. Used to make ribbon, interior and exterior decoration.Price is 13 baht /yard (12.15baht + VAT 7%) or 153 baht / kg.