Our company specialises on polyester fabrics used mainly for apron, uniform, casual wear, home decoration. Prices are between 13 and 20 baht per square meter. (from 80 to 200 baht / kg). Our team of designers creates new beautiful and original patterns each month to help you sell quicker. Fabrics printed on 46” and 60” wide rolls, with different printing and finishing. The touch is a bit hard to help the sewing but the stiffening agent disappears quickly. After a few wash the fabrics have a nice touch. Our fabrics have a 5-year guarantee because colors do not fade. We keep the same factories in order to have constant quality and colours. No bad surprise.

Plain fabrics

From 20.50฿ per yard (19.16 baht + VAT 7%)

Printed fabrics

From 23 baht /yard (16.82 baht + VAT 7%)


Zippers 6”, 7”, 8”, 9”, zip lines & Thread


Digital printing, laser cutting and sewing aprons as services.