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We create beautiful and unique experiences. With over 10 years of knowledge and expertise, we design and build brands and help them succeed.


More than thirty years ago, some business people in the Kaengsanamnang District started to produce aprons. Year after year, more people joined. They now produce a big part of the national apron production.They sell  all over the country to shops, to markets and street vendors and to SME (aprons for advertising).

In July 2559, Blue Elephant Textile Co.,Ltd. Co. was incorporated in order to serve these local business people. A small traditional shop was built and soon offered the same fabrics at the same price as the local incumbent. But customers did not show up.  They considered us useless as we did not bring anything new. We had to innovate.



  • Permanent focus on innovation, vertical integration, creativity, digitization and capital discipline to stay ahead of competition
  • Abide to the highest Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) and non discrimination standards.
  • Share with the community.
  • Reduce CO2 footprint by 65% by 2030 and global-zero by 2040.
  • Ultimately, become the ASEAN market leader and deliver a high return to shareholders 



And we did. By the end of 2560, we offered a whole range of new fabrics, with better quality and better prices than competitors. Customers happily embraced our new fabrics. 

Three years later, the Company become the leader of our local market.

We also started to offer services too: cutting in 2560, sewing in 2561 and printing in 2562. In 2563, we opened a new modern store to improve customer experience.


Vertical integration & digitisation

Our company is vertically integrated. There is no intermediary between the Chinese factories and us. We place our orders to a few selected factories. They produce the fabrics according to our requirements. Quality control and logistics are handled by our purchase manager in China.

Thanks to this vertical integration, our Company can offer the lowest price of the market. We will use this competitive edge to expand sales to the rest of the country in 2564, thanks to large investments in digital platforms and talents.

Creativity & quality

Good prices and good quality are necessary but not enough. Creativity is necessary too. Four of our managers dedicate a large part of their time to create beautiful patterns for fabrics and very original aprons.

Non discrimination

Our Company values diversity. We are committed to equal opportunities and creating an inclusive environment for all our employees. We welcome applicants regardless of ethnic origin, national origin, gender, colour, religious beliefs, disability, sexual orientation or age.

The Company’s management team reflects diversity. Five are women and three are men. Six are Thai, one is Chinese and one is European. Five have university degrees. Half of managers previously worked with large international companies. Together, the management team sums up 45 years of experience in business, fabrics and creativity.



Environment is our last challenge. And the most complicated. 

Our products are 100% made of polyester. Polyester (also called PET) is made from oil. Annually 500 tons of oil are drilled to produce our fabrics. That represent 1,000 tons of CO2 annually. It is a shame.

Our company commits to reduce its CO2 foot print from the 1,000 tons of 2564 (2021) to 350 tons in 2573 (2030) and zero in 2583 (2040).

Already in 2564, a few measures have been implemented. Useless packaging are prohibited and the electricity necessary to print our aprons and run our factory will be solar-generated before year end. But the biggest challenge will be to replace virgin polyester (produced with oil) by recycled polyester (recycled from PET bottles). Today recycled fabric is twice as expensive as virgin fabric. Our challenge is to recycle PET bottles ourselves and produce PET pellets which will be melted, transformed into polyester yarn and eventually polyester fabric.


Sharing with the community

High dividends for shareholders are good if all parties involved receive their share of the value created by the Company. 

In the year 2563, the added value generated by the Company was shared quasi equally between customers, the Revenue Department, the employees and the shareholders.

The company shares with its customers through low prices. We estimated that our customers generate an extra month of savings thanks to our low prices. 

The salaries paid by the Company are 60% higher than competitors. 

Taxes paid to the Revenue represent 10% of the Company´s sales.



The Company is currently a Company Limited. It will be a Plc soon, with a diversified board of directors, an audit committee and a SET-approved auditor. 

The Company has generated RoA over 40% annually since its creation. This what achieved through a tight capital discipline. It helped the Company to finance itself with inexpensive and unsecured bank loans at 2% to 3% annually extended by SME Development Bank of Thailand.

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